Advertising Scheduler

Sales and Marketing Advertising Scheduling Calendar


Radio advertising needs to be scheduled to go into the right slot without conflicts (eg.spoken vs recorded ads, time restricted ads, and spacing between ads).

  • Problems & Constraints
    The system being replaced used paper and direct entries into a SQL database so there was a lot changes in process happening at the same time as the new software being built.
  • Personas
    Sales GroupCares about selling space (filling inventory) and forecasting future inventory.
    Marketing Managers Cares about creating new inventory (things to sell).
    Business Analysts Cares about balancing ad pacing and reporting on changes of business.
    Account Executives Cares about interaction with individual clients and making sure their needs are taken care of.
  • Team Dynamics – multi-year
    Project Managers-2, Researchers-2, Designers-3, Software Engineers-5


  • Reduced the number of people needed end to end.
  • Extra people with more efficient system led to doubled sales.

Design Sessions

Because of the switch over from a manual system I sat down with the people using the current system and mapped out needs and possible paths.


Because so much info was needed to be shown on the screen at one time, it was decided that color should play a part in helping to distinguish the different categories. Because of this wireframes also needed to be in color for user testing. Wireframe testing was done with different variations to test information priority for color, sizing, grouping, spacing and preference.


Once the process had been hammered out the branding and feel was laid out in pixel perfect comps so developers could build the software.

Design Guide

As more sections were added and different areas of the app needed to match up a design guide was created.