Video CMS Portal

Video Upload & Advertising Configuration


The company had created their CMS portal as a startup, with everything without design input. Now because of enough requests, there was a second version was designed before being built.

  • Personas
    Account Managers care about easily adding multiple similar new ad campaigns daily for large companies.
    General Editors care about easily adding new ad campaigns daily for many companies.
    Freelance Advertisers care about promoting their own videos through occasionally entering their own ad campaigns.


  • Because the the research I did with users the project turned from a potential disaster into a successful redesign.
  • Analytics show that new users are able to quickly learn the new interface.

First Design

Product FlowBecause of times limitations the product manager wore all hats for all personas. I designed with a bias for making a complicated system as easy to use as possible.


User testing and interviews the first version revealed the majority of the users entered new items 8 hours a day so it should be designed for experts (speed) with enough help tips for the few beginners.
I redesigned the pages to advanced users while adding help as needed for the more occasional users.

  • Removed popups full of details.
  • Added easily scannable lists on the right with data editing on the left.
  • Added ability to bulk upload


Selection designs were added to the style guide
Animations were created to refine the user experience.