Anyone doing UX in businesses will sooner or later need to work on an agile team. This book is kind of the standard for this topic in this area. Projects at my work had switched over to the Agile process but never really adjusted the UX process to accommodate this.

If there is one take away from this book it states repeatedly: “It is OK to be ugly”. The concept of the Agile process is that the clock is always ticking. Trying to use the same tools every time will not work because it is forcing the schedule to the deliverables. Instead it must be viewed as what can be done with this amount of time. If the users are not happy then necessary things are not getting done and the the time needs to be increased. The number of deliverables does not matter, and this is something the whole team needs to understand for it to work.


  • Principals of Lean UX
  • The Process
  • Integrating Lean UX
  • Making Organizational Shifts

Audience: Anyone using the UX Process, UX designers or not.

Avoid if: You are a perfectionist.