This book is dense. I originally got the digital version; big mistake. I ended buying a hard bound version. This is a book where the diagrams must be studied at length to understand the subject matter. It really depends on what you need the book for. If you are trying to read cover to cover, the hard copy is best. For reference a needed formula when you need it, the digital version works best. So the reality is I am glad I have both of them. It is a condensed version of the formulas UX designers need for most situations which can come up.


  • Estimate Precision
  • Reality compared to the goal
  • Statistical Difference
  • Sample Size
  • Usability Questionnaires
  • Statistic Controversies
  • Statistical Concepts

Audience: Anyone that needs to numbers to back up UX recommendations.

Avoid if: You are just trying to make things look pretty.