A co-worker recommended a book to me to look over as something they found helpful at their last company where they where the only UX person. It’s a quick read so it does not take long to go over. It makes a quick review for all the areas that UX touches and I think it is good enough for me to add to my list of books I recommend to new designers, up there with “Don’t make me think”. It attacks the problem of UX from the angle of not having buy-in from other departments. I like the way it suggests attempting to get buy-in as a benefit instead of trying to strong arm groups into it. As anyone in UX knows there are a lot of people that see designers as an extra and trying to strong arm your value isn’t going to help.


  • Exploring the problem
  • Generating & Refining Ideas
  • Creating Deliverables
  • Dealing with other departments

Audience: Can’t get buy in from other groups for UX.

Avoid if: You already know everything and don’t need any refreshers.