There are many different disaplines for UX there is always a new skill to learn or improve on. At my current position I have created a new process to help all of the specialists on the team to learn more generalist skills. They won’t be experts but when the whole team is familiar with other skills it creates a more dynamic team that can respond more dynamically to needs and more skill for the entire process.
The first step is to find skills they are not familiar with. The major disaplines of UX are: user research, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, and copywritting. Once everyone knows what they want to work on then switch places with the expert in that area. It sounds dramtic at first but it will not slow down projects or reduce quality. The goal is not to switch all of the work, just one task. The expert in that area needs to look over their shoulder and verify the quality is still up to par.
With all the senior people checking the work of others it helps them to be able to put into words what is important for their specialty. This skill pays off when giving demos, explaining thinking to clients, and recommending steps in the daily stand-ups.