UX Research

Research Process

(details about the design process can be found on the UX Design page)

  1. Define Success with Stake Holders: What is success? What are the metrics measured to achieve it? When are updates needed, and total time given?
  2. Completed Research:What research has already been done (save time and money)?
  3. Create docs with assumptions: Use for creating research plan and questions that will need answers.
  4. Benchmark current product, process or system: I usually use SUS & Transactional NPS
  5. Create flow diagrams:Use info from analytic funnels, developers, and stakeholders for what is supposed to happen for users for core and secondary user journeys.
  6. Validate info with real users: Replace assumptions with facts, document user journeys.
  7. Be the user’s advocate for the team: Help the rest of the team to feel empathy for the users frustrations and pains.
  8. Do iterative research for each sprint: This might include updating facts as information changes, user testing, or information gathering with surveys and interviews. It could also be reviews of the current process to find bloat and areas for improvement for every touch-point in the process.

UX Designs

If you are interested in in viewing more, you can view my UX designs.